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Our Farm is situated among the Catskill Mountains, overlooking the Cobleskill River Valley. The Farm has been in operation since the mid 1800's. During that time period the farm housed dozen of dairy cows, as well as producing hops(a major component in the beer making); which now grows wild in our creek. We take full advantage of our historical Dutch barn, as a cool dry place to cure and store our garlic after harvest. The majority of our farm work is done by hand just like our ancestors would have; planting, weeding, harvesting, curing, and preparing the garlic bulbs for market is all done by the hands of a dedicated few. 


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Black Garlic                      (흑마늘)

It has taken over two years to develop and refine our technique for creating Black Garlic. We offer all of our varieties in black garlic form, which transforms the heat of our garlic to a sweet, earthy flavor; packed with umami presence. Great addition to any dish, from dips to whole roasted chicken the possibilities are endless. Try our Black Garlic and unlock a new world.

Our Bees

The pollen collected by our bees comes from wild flowers on our farm and the surrounding area, which gives our honey a distinct flavor and richness. We process all of our honey by hand, there is no heating or mixing, and we only sieve out the large chucks of wax. This process yields "Raw Honey" that contains propolis (used for thousands of years as as a natural medicine), small amounts of wax, and pollen. You are not going to find this quality "Raw Honey" in any supermarket. All of our honey comes from the colony's left over storage from after the winter, this ensures that our hives have enough honey to last them the winter without having to supplement their diet. We feel that this practice allows our colonies to thrive in the harsh New York State winters. With the dwindling number of bee colony populations due to the use of neonicotinoid insecticides, we must do all that we can to protect and ensure the survival of our most valuable pollinators.


medicinal     Garlic

Our Romanian Red variety contains the highest amount of Allicin among all garlic. Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic that is responsible for decreased blood pressure, strengthens of the immune system that helps to fight cancers, curing of the common cold, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-thrombotic, and antioxidant properties in clinical studies. We recommend our trying our holistic Romanian Red tincture, made with 100% Kosher glycerin. It allows you to administer a dose of allicin without having to eat a whole clove of garlic each day.

About Me


I started working with plants at a very young age, that is where my love for nature and the natural world began. I attended William Paterson University in New Jersey, where I received my B.S. in Botany. In 2014 I started Rocks and Roots Farm with the goal of bringing the highest quality garlic to the tristate area. In order to achieve this standard of quality we rely on centuries old farming techniques from developing our own fish emulsion as an organic fertile, planting and harvesting only by hand, farming based on the moons phases, and other sustainable farming techniques. In addition to our techniques, I personally inspect every single garlic bulb before bringing it to market.